Hotel Information

Denton, Texas

2016 MS/JH National Conference for Choral Music

Host: Cambiata Institute of America at the University of North Texas

I. There are a variety of hotels in Denton, but three respectable hotels that sit in close proximity to each other are Best Western, Courtyard, and Hilton Garden Inn.

The Premier Best Western Denton is full.

We have reserved a block of discounted rooms for the MS/JH National Conference for Choral Music at the  at the Hilton Garden Inn Denton (940-891-4700) next door to the Best Western. 

  • Hilton Garden Inn Per night: $104.00, with hot buffet breakfast.  To get that rate, reservations must be made no later than 4/25/2016.

The Courtyard (near the Premier Best Western and the Hilton Garden Inn) has rooms available at full price.  

II. Within a SAFE walking distance of all three hotels is a Red Lobster, a Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, and an On The Boarder.

III. Denton is a college town so of course there are a variety of fast food places, but having all four restaurants within safe walking distance makes “dinner” options extremely accessible.

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